Announced Publication Date:

Publication date for New Hungers for Old: One Hundred Years of Italian American Poetry will be July 1, 2011.  This anthology includes one poem by one hundred different Italian American poets.  Mary Caponegro has written a brilliant introduction for it.  Among the poets included are Pascal D’Angelo, Maria Mazziotti Gilan, Peter Gizi, and Rose Basile Green.

Some advance praise:

“New Hungers for Old is a remarkable achievement. Individually evocative and collectively superb, the poems illuminate an immense variety of Italian American voices and experiences. Yet they also extend well beyond the scope of a single ethnic category.  This is that rare, thoughtful anthology for all readers wishing to reflect on the treasures and tragedies of the universal human condition.”

Chandra Prasad, author of On Borrowed Wings: A Novel and editor of Mixed: An Anthology of Short Fiction on the Multiracial Experience

“Dennis Barone has produced a book of great beauty and importance that should be read by anyone who cares about American as well as Italian American writing. It offers a cornucopia of remarkable poems by generations of Italian American poets whose work mirrors the evolution of American forms from realism through postmodernism.  Including famous and emerging younger talents, New Hungers for Old underscores a distinctive intersection of heritage and the larger culture in the flavor of its innovations.  The dazzling variety of poems share an infatuation with life itself – the gifts and pleasures it bestows, the harsh toll it exacts, the rebellions it provokes and the revelations of spirit that erupt from felt experience. It is a landmark collection that is essential reading.”

Josephine G. Hendin, Professor of English and Tiro A Segno Professor of Italian American Studies, New York University


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