Season’s Greetings

Oh, Jesus

This is my fifth year
wearing this suit, greeting
these children. Six years ago
I lost my job at Electric Boat
and since that time
during the four weeks after
Thanksgiving — here I am
saying, “Ho. Ho. Ho.”
It’s an eight hour day.
At EB I belonged to a union;
here, to a tradition.
This job comes without
health insurance, without
benefits of any kind.
It is tiresome. Usually,
I go home and
drink a six of Bud.
I like the blue of the can
more than the red.
The red reminds me of my job;
the blue helps me obliterate it.
Raise a can in the air and
repeat: “this Bus ‘s for you.”

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One Response to Season’s Greetings

  1. This is hilarious. Love it!

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